Esmond (CEO & Founder)

About us

Esmond Service Centre, a Singapore-based IT tech service provider. ESC is one of Singapore Top Service Provider, providing both hardware and software repair services from computers, mobile phones, tablets to servers. 

Our ecosystem is designed to reduce service downtime and improve on cost efficiency. Customer-centric approach to building brand loyalty, educating users the importance of reducing E-waste  by extending the life span of electronic devices has and always is our Core.

Founder Story

Over 10 Years in the IT industry, Esmond is a serial entrepreneur driven by a passion to disrupt the traditional IT service industry value chain by offering superior customer service; using A.I technology to streamline the repair process and innovating new value-added services.

With a vision to expand into the global e-commerce industry, Esmond is constantly ideating new and innovative approaches to disrupt the industry by reducing E-Waste on a global scale.

Currently the CEO of ESMOND Holding, CMO of ESMOND Solutions, Marketing Advisor and Consultant for various companies. He previously co-founded and built one of Singapore’s largest center, starting from repairing MacBooks from his bedroom! Esmond is passionate about sharing back and is an active basketball coach to youth in his community.

Esmond has won multiple recognitions such as Singapore Top 25 prestige award (2014), Asia Top 80 Achiever (2016) and has been regularly featured in news and online media (2020).