Acer Laptop
MotherBoard Repair

MacBook Motherboard Repair

Common Acer Laptop
MotherBoard Hardware Problems

  • Cannot Power On 
  • No Power at all / No Signs of life
  • Not able to Charge Battery
  • Auto Shut Down
  • Keyboard and TrackPad Not Working at the same time
  • All USB C Port Not Working
  • All USB Port Not Working
  • No Sound from Speakers and EarPhones
  • No Display even with external monitors
  • Dim Display
  • Beeping Sound 
  • Water Damage 
  • Blue Screen Error
  • All Other Hardware Related Problems

Acer Laptop MotherBoard Repair

Repairing a laptop motherboard is a complex task that typically requires professional expertise and specialized tools. If you’re experiencing issues with your Acer laptop motherboard, it’s recommended to seek assistance from Esmond Service Centre or contact Acer customer support for guidance. 

general steps involved in repairing a laptop motherboard

  1. Diagnosis: An experienced technician will begin by diagnosing the issue with your Acer laptop motherboard. They may use diagnostic tools, perform tests, and visually inspect the motherboard for any signs of damage or component failure.

  2. Component Replacement: If a specific component on the motherboard is identified as the cause of the issue, it may need to be replaced. This process involves desoldering the faulty component and soldering a new one in its place. Specialized tools, such as soldering irons and reflow stations, are typically used for this delicate procedure.

  3. Soldering and Rework: Repairing a laptop motherboard often involves intricate soldering work. This includes soldering new components, repairing broken connections, or reflowing solder to fix any damaged joints. Skilled technicians have the expertise to handle these tasks carefully, as improper soldering can further damage the motherboard.

  4. Troubleshooting and Testing: After replacing or repairing components, the repaired motherboard undergoes thorough testing to ensure that the issue is resolved. Technicians may run diagnostic tests, check for proper voltage, test connectivity, and ensure the stability of the repaired motherboard.


To ensure the best outcome and minimize the risk of further damage, it’s highly recommended to entrust the repair of your Acer laptop motherboard to trained professionals with experience in laptop motherboard repairs. They have the necessary expertise, tools, and access to genuine replacement parts to ensure a high-quality repair job.

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