What causes Laptop Keep booting into bios page?

Have you ever powered on your laptop and found it seemingly stuck at the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) screen, leaving you wondering why it won’t progress further into the operating system? This situation can be perplexing and frustrating, but it’s not uncommon. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind laptops booting to the BIOS screen and explore potential solutions to help you get your laptop up and running smoothly.

Hardware Issues

Hardware Failure: One of the primary culprits for laptops booting to the BIOS screen is hardware failure. This can include problems with essential components such as the hard drive, RAM modules, or the motherboard itself. If the laptop fails to detect a vital hardware component during boot-up, it may halt at the BIOS screen. To diagnose this, run hardware diagnostics tests and consider seeking professional assistance for hardware replacements or repairs.

Boot Device Priority

The BIOS screen typically appears when the laptop is trying to determine the boot device. If the BIOS is configured to prioritize a device that doesn’t contain a bootable operating system (like a USB drive or a blank hard drive), the laptop will remain stuck at the BIOS screen. To resolve this issue, access the BIOS settings (usually by pressing a specific key during startup, like F2 or Del) and change the boot order to prioritize your primary hard drive or SSD.

BIOS Configuration

Incorrect BIOS settings can also lead to booting directly to the BIOS screen. For example, if the Secure Boot feature is enabled but not configured correctly, it can prevent the laptop from booting into the operating system. Access the BIOS settings and review the configurations to ensure they match your system requirements.

Operating System Issues

a) Corrupted Boot Files: Sometimes, corruption in the boot files of your operating system can prevent a successful boot. In such cases, you might need to repair or reinstall your operating system using installation media.

b) Faulty Boot Loader: The bootloader is responsible for loading the operating system. If it becomes corrupted or misconfigured, it can lead to BIOS screen boot issues. Bootloader repair tools or reinstalling the bootloader can often resolve this problem.

Malware and Virus Infections

Malware or viruses can interfere with the boot process, causing the laptop to hang at the BIOS screen. Performing a thorough malware scan with reputable antivirus software may help resolve the issue.


A laptop booting to the BIOS screen can be caused by various factors, including hardware failures, boot device priority settings, BIOS configuration, operating system issues, and malware infections. While this situation can be disconcerting, it is usually solvable with careful troubleshooting. Start by checking hardware connections and reviewing BIOS settings, and if necessary, seek professional assistance for hardware repairs or data recovery. By understanding these potential causes and implementing the appropriate solutions, you can get your laptop back on track and running smoothly.

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