Dell Laptop Battery Replacement

When to change Dell’s Laptop Battery

Dell has one of the most aesthetic and powerful laptops. Founded by Michael Dell, the company has continuously improved to provide high-quality computers with upgraded technology. It includes manufacturing and services for laptops, computers, and computer-related products. Dell laptops are budget-friendly with great design, technical support, security solutions, and innovation. 

What makes Dell different than other laptops?

Dell is giving tough competition to other computer brands. A few features make Dell laptops stand out from the rest. Dell has proven itself to be a more reliable laptop brand. Dell’s ProSupport gives an around-the-clock technical support. Predictive analysis spots and update you on upcoming issues to be fixed before time. Their assistance provides real-time identification of possible breakdowns and solutions to fix them. Dell has an automated case creation technology that updates you on your laptop’s status, potential bugs, and its fixes. 

Dell Laptop Repair and Battery Replacement:

Like all laptops, you will see a drop in Dell’s performance with time. However, their strong technical support will update you on your laptop’s status. But you should know when it is time for Dell Laptop Repair or a Dell Laptop Battery Replacement. Commonly, you will need a Dell laptop repair when your laptop shuts down on its own, a broken screen or keyboard damage, overheating, blue screen, WIFI or Bluetooth connection issues, or software malfunction. Now, where to get Dell laptop repair in Singapore other than Dell? Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre Singapore is your technical support for any laptop-related problem. Their quality service and customer support are provided with excellence. 

Dell Laptop’s Battery Issues:

You will start to get mini-heart attacks seeing your laptop’s health decline. So much value and work information your computer holds. You can’t compromise on your workstation. Dell uses removable lithium-ion polymer batteries. Like any other battery, it will lose its charge with usage and over time. Know about your laptop battery so you can fix or perform Dell laptop battery replacement. A good laptop’s battery will last up to 2 years. After that, the battery’s health will start to decline. You will observe:


  • Frequent need to charge again
  • Overheating with fan noise
  • Reduction in laptop’s performance 

Check Battery Health:

If you observe battery health issues, generate a battery health report to check battery status. By seeing battery performance, it will help you in deciding whether it’s time for battery replacement or not. Dell provides various ways to generate battery reports. You can run diagnostic tests or through BIOS. Once the information is generated, you will know battery usage, performance, cycle count, design capacity, and used capacity. 

Cycle Count:

Cycle count or charge count is crucial in understanding the battery’s health and performance. It is the number of times your battery is charged. Low charge count determines good laptop performance or a ‘’healthy battery’’. A laptop’s battery should perform well up to 500 charge cycles. As mentioned earlier, the battery will still work after 500 cycle counts, but the user will face battery problems. The latest models of laptops can perform well at even 1000 charge counts. Dell Laptop Battery Replacement is recommended after 800 to 1000 charge cycles or when your computer warns you about depleting the battery. 

Replacing Dell’s Laptop Battery:

Your Dell system will also inform you when needed to change your laptop’s battery. For battery replacement, learn about the specs of the current battery. Model number, size, and type of battery should be known. Non-Dell batteries are also available in the market, claiming to be of Dell’s original battery standard. But it is recommended to buy the original Dell laptop battery to ensure quality performance and good battery health.

You can easily replace a laptop battery yourself. But the newest Dell laptops have non-removable batteries. Seek professional help in replacing the non-removable battery. If you are looking for technical support, you can also consider Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre Singapore

How long does the Dell laptop battery last?

A good laptop battery can last up to 6 to 7 hours. How long it will stay healthy depends on your usage. The battery may quickly reduce if you use high-end software for graphical work or play games. Take care of your laptop battery by reducing screen brightness, using your laptop when necessary, and shutting it down after work. Also, regularly generate battery reports to keep a check on battery usage. 

The 80/40 Rule for Laptop Charging:

Experts suggest charging your laptop when the battery is around 40% and charging it up to 80% to increase battery life. This tip has been found helpful for lithium batteries. 

Can Dell’s laptop battery be ‘Overcharged’?

Interestingly, Dell’s laptops are designed to stop charging when fully charged. If the charging plug is connected even after fully charged, the computer will use power directly from the AC adapter. 

Dell Battery’s Optimization:

Dell’s power manager provides you with various battery optimization options to extend the battery’s life. Different options allow you to either charge quicker or lower the charge threshold. It also recommends battery settings according to your usage. You can also customize battery settings according to your preference. 


Dell laptops are compatible and innovative. Like every other laptop, you need to take care of the battery for more prolonged use and reduce your laptop repair expenses. We cannot wholly avoid battery replacement but can delay it with proper usage.