Screen Replacement

iPhone Screen replacement

Common iPhone
LCD Screen / Touch Screen Problems

  • Cracked Screen
  • Lines On Screen
  • Screen Flickering
  • Image Burn in
  • Dim Display
  • Black Round Patch on Screen 
  • Internal marks on Screen
  • Touch Screen Auto Touch (Ghost Touch)
  • Touch Screen Some Part Not Working
  • Unable to use touch screen at all 

Guide to replace your iPhone Screen

Here are some of the best places to get an iPhone screen replacement in Singapore:

  1. Apple Service Centre: If your iPhone is still under warranty or covered by AppleCare+, you can visit the Apple Service Centre to get a free or discounted screen replacement. However, if your iPhone is out of warranty, the cost of the repair can be expensive.

  2. Third-party repair shops: There are many third-party repair shops in Singapore that offer iPhone screen replacements at more affordable prices. Some popular options include iRepair, BreakFixNow, Mister Mobile and Esmond Service Centre. Be sure to do your research and choose a reputable repair shop.

  3. Mobile repair services: If you can’t make it to a repair shop, many mobile repair services in Singapore offer on-site screen replacements. Some popular options include Fynd, WeFixit, and Repair Xpress. This can be a convenient option if you’re short on time or unable to travel.

  4. DIY repair kits: If you’re comfortable repairing your iPhone yourself, there are several DIY repair kits available online. However, this option can be risky if you don’t have experience with iPhone repairs, and can potentially cause further damage to your device.

When choosing a repair option, be sure to consider factors such as cost, convenience, and reputation. Always back up your iPhone data before getting a screen replacement, and be sure to choose a reputable repair provider to ensure your device is in good hands.

iPhone Screen Replacement (Singapore)

Esmond Service Center is the best iPhone repair service in Singapore due to its excellent reputation for quality repairs, reasonable pricing, and fast turnaround times. The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who can repair various types of iPhone screen damage, including cracked screens, shattered screens, unresponsive screens, and more.

Esmond Service Center provides a 90-day warranty on all its repairs, giving customers the assurance that their devices are in good hands. The company also offers convenient pickup and delivery service for added convenience.

In summary, if you are in Singapore and need your iPhone screen repaired, Esmond Service Center is the go-to service provider due to its reputation for quality repairs, reasonable pricing, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service.

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