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Common iPhone
Speaker Problem

Your iPhone speaker may stop working for various reasons, such as water damage, physical impact, wear and tear, or software issues. Some of the symptoms of a faulty iPhone speaker are:

  • No sound or low volume
  • Distorted sound
  • Crackling or popping noises
  • Muffled or tinny sound
  • No sound during phone calls or FaceTime calls
  • No sound from the earpiece or speakerphone
  • No sound from certain apps or media files

If you experience any of these problems, you may need to replace your iPhone speaker to restore the sound quality and functionality of your device.

How to Replace Your iPhone Speaker with Esmond Service Centre

Replacing your iPhone speaker with Esmond Service Centre is a simple and hassle-free process. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Book an appointment: Visit the Esmond Service Centre website or app and book an appointment for your iPhone repair. You can choose the location, date, and time that suits you best.

  2. Get a quote: Esmond Service Centre will provide you with a quote for your iPhone speaker replacement based on the model, condition, and extent of the damage.

  3. Drop off your iPhone: Bring your iPhone to the Esmond Service Centre location you selected or opt collection and delivery service. Do take note that your Collection and delivery service will not be on the same day.

  4. Wait for the repair: The technician will diagnose and repair your iPhone speaker, and test it to ensure that it works properly. The repair may take up to a few hours, depending on the model and complexity of the repair.

  5. Pick up your iPhone: Once the repair is done, the technician will notify you and hand over your iPhone to you. You can pay by cash, credit card, or PayNow, and receive your 90-day warranty.

Why Choose Esmond Service Centre?

Esmond Service Centre is a trusted and certified repair shop that specializes in iPhone repairs, including speaker replacements. Here are some reasons to choose Esmond Service Centre for your iPhone speaker replacement:

  • Genuine parts: Esmond Service Centre uses only original and premium-grade parts for iPhone repairs, ensuring that your device functions like new.
  • Skilled technicians: Esmond Service Centre employs skilled and experienced technicians who are trained to diagnose and fix iPhone issues quickly and effectively.
  • Warranty: Esmond Service Centre offers a 90-day warranty on all iPhone repairs, giving you peace of mind and protection against defects and malfunctions.
  • Competitive pricing: Esmond Service Centre offers affordable and transparent pricing for all iPhone repairs, without hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Convenience: Esmond Service Centre offers multiple locations in Singapore, as well as online booking, making it easy and flexible for you to get your iPhone fixed.

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