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Why my Laptop Computer Cannot Power On

Not able to power on is usually due to motherboard hardware short circuit. Alot of customers mistaken as battery faulty. Battery is not require to power on your laptop, even if your battery is faulty, you still can power on with your laptop charger. 

What causes Motherboard Hardware short circuit

Motherboard short circuit is cause by a number of reasons. (1) Laptop Computer is always on standby mode or sleep mode, ser did not shut down completely for a long period of time. (2) Laptop Computer is always charge overnight. (3) Wear and tear due to a years of usage. (4) Laptop Computer is rarely used. If none of the above applies to you, it’s simply pure bad luck or manufacturer defects. 

Why laptop is rarely used but won't power on?

The CMOS battery is made up of lithium ion, and thus when a laptop is not used for a period of time, a leaking CMOS battery could fry the entire laptop’s motherboard and its connected components such as hard disk and therefore not able to power on.