Ram Upgrade

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Available Ram Upgrade Options

  • 8GB DDR3 / DDR4 (Single Piece)
  • 16GB DDR3 / DDR4 (8GB x 2 Pieces)
  • 32GB DDR3 / DDR4 / DDR5 (16GB x 2 Pieces)
  • 64GB DDR4 / DDR5 (32GB x 2 Pieces)

why Not All Laptop Ram is Upgradable?

While RAM (Random Access Memory) upgrades are common and beneficial for many laptops, there are a few reasons why not all laptop RAM is upgradable:

  1. Soldered-on RAM: In some laptops, particularly ultrabooks or thin and light models, the RAM modules are soldered directly onto the motherboard. This design choice allows for a slimmer profile and increased stability but eliminates the ability to upgrade or replace the RAM. Soldered RAM is typically found in devices with non-upgradeable or limited RAM configurations.

  2. RAM slot limitations: Laptops have a limited number of RAM slots available. If all slots are already occupied by RAM modules, there is no room for further expansion. For example, some laptops may have only one RAM slot, while others may have two or four. If all slots are filled or if the maximum supported RAM capacity has been reached, upgrading may not be possible without removing existing modules.

  3. Compatibility and limitations: Laptop motherboards have specific requirements for RAM, including supported frequencies, types, and capacities. If the desired RAM module does not meet these specifications, it may not be compatible with the laptop. Additionally, certain laptops may have limitations on the maximum RAM capacity they can support, meaning you cannot upgrade beyond that limit.

  4. Proprietary designs: Some laptop manufacturers use proprietary designs or modules that are not compatible with standard off-the-shelf RAM modules. These proprietary modules may have different physical dimensions, pin layouts, or electrical requirements, making it impossible to upgrade with standard RAM.

  5. Manufacturer restrictions: In some cases, laptop manufacturers may impose restrictions on RAM upgrades through firmware or BIOS limitations. This can prevent the use of certain RAM modules or limit the maximum amount of RAM recognized by the system.

Benefits of Upgrading laptop Ram

Upgrading the RAM (Random Access Memory) in your laptop can bring several benefits and improvements to its overall performance. Here are some key advantages of upgrading your laptop’s RAM:

  1. Increased system performance: RAM plays a crucial role in the overall performance of your laptop. When you upgrade the RAM, you provide your system with more memory to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This results in improved multitasking capabilities, smoother application performance, and faster response times. You’ll experience reduced lag, faster data access, and a generally more responsive computing experience.

  2. Improved multitasking: With more RAM, your laptop can handle running multiple applications and processes concurrently without slowing down. This is particularly beneficial if you frequently work with resource-intensive applications like video editing software, virtual machines, or graphic design tools. Upgrading your RAM allows for better multitasking, enabling you to switch between applications smoothly and efficiently.

  3. Enhanced gaming experience: If you’re a gamer, upgrading your laptop’s RAM can significantly improve your gaming experience. Many modern games require substantial memory to run smoothly, and having sufficient RAM ensures that the game can load assets quickly, reducing lag and stuttering. It allows for smoother gameplay, higher frame rates, and improved graphics performance.

  4. Better performance with resource-demanding software: RAM is especially important for resource-demanding software such as video editing, 3D modeling, and music production tools. These applications often require a significant amount of memory to operate efficiently. By upgrading your laptop’s RAM, you provide the necessary resources for these applications to run smoothly and handle large files or complex projects more effectively.

  5. Future-proofing your system: Upgrading your laptop’s RAM can extend its lifespan and keep it relevant for a longer time. As software and applications become more resource-intensive over time, having adequate RAM ensures your laptop can handle future updates and software advancements without becoming outdated. It can delay the need to purchase a new laptop, saving you money in the long run.


If your laptop does not support RAM upgrades, or if you have reached the maximum supported RAM capacity, there may still be other ways to improve performance, such as upgrading the storage drive to an SSD or optimizing the software and settings on your laptop to enhance efficiency.

It’s important to note that the benefits of upgrading RAM may vary depending on your specific usage patterns, the applications you use, and the amount of RAM you currently have. Before upgrading, ensure that your laptop supports RAM upgrades and check the maximum capacity and type of RAM it can accommodate. Additionally, consider the cost-effectiveness of upgrading the RAM compared to other potential hardware upgrades or purchasing a new laptop altogether.

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