Laptop Repair Battery Replacement

What to look for When finding a Compatible Laptop Battery

Technology has changed how we work. There was a time when most things were done manually. But now, with the internet and advancing technology, we have every possible facility we can think of, from giant one-room computers to PCs and now to laptops and mobile phones. The advancement in the tech world is unstoppable. With these techs, we need to keep up with service and repairs. If you have a tech like a laptop or a mobile, you know it’s not an easy buy, but it’s also a need of the hour.

Signs You Need to Change your Laptop’s Battery:

When buying a laptop, you make sure the computer in your budget has good primary specs. We all want a lightweight laptop with a resolution of at least 1080p, a good processor, build quality and good battery life. Let’s face it; we don’t want recurrent laptop repairs. But, if you need one, you can consider Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Center SingaporeThey provide all the laptop help you need. Before you need Esmond Laptop Repair Singapore, you should know about your Laptop’s signs before taking it to the Tech Doctor. Here are some signs that you need a laptop battery replacement. 

  • Overheated:You are working on your Laptop, and suddenly you feel a hot sensation underneath your Laptop along with a noisy fan. When a laptop battery is dying, your Laptop will work harder, resulting in increased heat. The heat might be intense enough that you won’t be able to put your Laptop in your lap! 
  • Your Laptop will Warn you: Windows show an alarm when your battery capacity is low. It will not update you often. But will inform you that you need to do something about laptop battery replacement. 
  • Need to charge Laptop more often: Another significant sign is your laptop battery gets drained quickly. Your Laptop was fully charged, and within an hour, you are plugging again to charge. This indicates the Laptop’s lower capacity to function correctly.

Why does a Laptop Battery Decline?

Several factors can decline battery performance. Your Laptop’s age, overuse, multiple programs operating simultaneously, heat issue, and overcharging can lead to laptop battery replacement or overall need a laptop repair

How to Find a Compatible Laptop Battery?

Laptop Battery Replacement can be costly. But it can increase the lifespan of your Laptop. Usually, a laptop has a user-serviceable battery. If your Laptop doesn’t have one, you can contact Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Center Singapore. Although changing laptop battery is an easy task, you can get professional service. Here are some tips for finding a compatible laptop battery.

  • Generate Battery Report:

First and foremost, you should generate a battery report to see your Laptop’s battery health. This report tells about your battery usage, usage history, and battery life estimation. To generate this report, press the Windows key button with X, a window will open. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin) and click Yes. Enter ‘’powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html” to PowerShell and Enter. After running the command, you will see a message where the report is saved. Go through the report and know about your battery’s health.

  • Find battery model number:

See what type of battery is placed on your Laptop. There are multiple ways to check your battery model number. Let’s go through the easiest way. Just take out your battery! Mostly, all related information about the battery is printed on it. Look at its serial number, model type, voltage, battery part number, and battery material. If your battery is not removable, you can check battery specs from the laptop manufacturer’s website. 

  • Buy from Manufacturer:

After getting the details about your Laptop’s battery, go to your Laptop’s manufacturer dealer. Do not buy a laptop battery of any other specs. Your Laptop will not be able to handle a battery of different voltages. A battery with a higher amp-hour will be better to increase battery life. 

  • Make sure the battery is original:

Don’t be fooled by replica batteries out there. Verify the originality of the battery to make sure your bucks are going the right place. It is vital so you don’t get a mini-heart attack after seeing a low performance of your Laptop because of the replica battery. Always buy from authentic dealers. 

  • Laptop Battery Replacement: Once you have purchased a new laptop battery according to your Laptop’s need, now you need to place the new one. It is an easy task to do so. Flip your laptop upside-down and take out the protective lid of the Laptop; you might need a screwdriver. Slide the old battery out of the battery storage container. Slide down the new battery and place the protective lid. Charge your Laptop, and then you are good to go!
  • Get Professional Help: If you don’t want to repair yourself, you can always take professional help. There are multiple laptop repair and service centers in Singapore, like Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Center Singapore. You will need them, especially if your battery is not removable. It will eliminate the chances of mishandling the new laptop battery. 
  • Take care of New Laptop Battery: You can prolong the Laptop’s battery life through proper care. Tech experts have suggested not to overcharge your Laptop. Also, do not opt for full-screen brightness and overload with heavy programs simultaneously. 


You can get irked because of laptop issues. It can delay your workflow and can be worrisome at times. It is recommendable to keep up with your battery’s health and go for regular laptop service to enhance performance and efficiency.