TrackPad Repair


Common Laptop
TrackPad / MousePad / TouchPad Problems

  • Totally No Respond at all
  • Cannot Click
  • No Respond when tap
  • Not responsive¬†
  • Left Click not working
  • Right Click not working
  • TouchPad Cracked

Laptop TrackPad / TouchPad

The trackpad is an essential component of a laptop, allowing users to navigate and interact with the device seamlessly. Over time, trackpads can wear out, become unresponsive, or develop issues that hinder productivity and user experience. If you’re facing trackpad-related problems, it may be time to consider a trackpad replacement.

Professional Installation

With Esmond Service Centre, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trackpad replacement will be handled by professionals. Their technicians are skilled in laptop hardware repairs and replacements, ensuring a smooth and seamless installation process.


Esmond Service Centre offers reliable trackpad replacement services, backed by their experienced technicians and genuine components. By choosing their services, you can enjoy an improved trackpad that is responsive, durable, and capable of supporting multi-touch gestures. Contact Esmond Service Centre today to elevate your laptop’s usability and productivity with a trackpad replacement.

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