Lenovo Laptop
KeyBoard Replacement

lenovo laptop keyboard replacement

Common Lenovo Laptop
KeyBoard Problems

  • One or Few Keys Not Working
  • Keyboard Automatically typing
  • KeyBoard has a Stuck Key (Single or multiple keys kept typing on it’s own)
  • Keyboard Typing Wrong Character

lenovo laptop keyboard troubleshoot

If you’re experiencing issues with the keyboard on your Lenovo laptop, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  1. Check for Physical Damage: Inspect the keyboard for any physical damage, such as loose or missing keys, spills, or debris. If you notice any damage, it may require professional repair or replacement.

  2. Restart Your Laptop: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary software glitches. Restart your Lenovo laptop and check if the keyboard starts working properly after the reboot.

  3. Update Keyboard Drivers: Outdated or incompatible keyboard drivers can cause keyboard malfunctions. Open the Device Manager by pressing the Windows key + X and selecting “Device Manager.” Expand the “Keyboards” category, right-click on the keyboard device, and select “Update driver.” Follow the prompts to search for and install any available updates for the keyboard driver.

  4. Uninstall and Reinstall Keyboard Drivers: If updating the drivers didn’t resolve the issue, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard drivers. In the Device Manager, right-click on the keyboard device and select “Uninstall device.” Restart your laptop, and Windows will automatically reinstall the keyboard drivers.

  5. Disable Filter Keys: Filter Keys is an accessibility feature in Windows that can sometimes interfere with the keyboard’s normal functionality. To disable Filter Keys, go to the Control Panel, select “Ease of Access,” and then choose “Ease of Access Center.” Click on “Make the keyboard easier to use” and uncheck the box next to “Turn on Filter Keys.” Click “Apply” and then “OK” to save the changes.

  6. Perform a System Restore: If the keyboard issues started recently, you can try using the System Restore feature to revert your Lenovo laptop’s settings to a previous state when the keyboard was functioning correctly. Search for “System Restore” in the Start menu and follow the prompts to choose a restore point before the issue occurred.

  7. Test the Keyboard in Safe Mode: Restart your Lenovo laptop and press the F8 key repeatedly to access the Advanced Boot Options menu. Select “Safe Mode” and log in to your laptop. Check if the keyboard works properly in Safe Mode. If it does, it suggests that a third-party software or driver may be causing the issue. You can try uninstalling recently installed programs or drivers to see if that resolves the problem.

  8. Contact Lenovo Support or Service Centre: If the troubleshooting steps above don’t resolve the issue, it’s recommended to contact Lenovo support or visit an authorized Lenovo service centre. They can provide further assistance and diagnose any underlying hardware or software issues with your Lenovo laptop’s keyboard.

Remember, if your Lenovo laptop is still under warranty, contacting Lenovo support or visiting an authorized service centre is the best course of action to ensure warranty coverage and professional assistance.

Where to Repair Lenovo Laptop Keyboard?

When your Lenovo laptop’s keyboard is no longer covered under warranty and needs to be replaced, Esmond Service Centre is an excellent choice for reliable and professional keyboard replacement services. Here are some reasons why you should consider Esmond Service Centre for your out-of-warranty Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement:

Expertise and Experience

Esmond Service Centre has a team of skilled technicians with extensive experience in laptop repairs, including Lenovo laptops. They are well-versed in handling keyboard replacements and have the necessary expertise to perform the task efficiently and accurately.

Genuine Replacement Keyboards

Esmond Service Centre sources genuine replacement keyboards directly from reputable suppliers. They ensure that the replacement keyboard is compatible with your specific Lenovo laptop model, maintaining the original quality and functionality of the keyboard.

Timely Service

Esmond Service Centre values your time and strives to provide prompt and efficient service. They understand that a malfunctioning keyboard can disrupt your productivity and daily activities. When you bring your Lenovo laptop for keyboard replacement, their technicians work diligently to minimize any downtime and aim to complete the replacement in a timely manner.

Quality Workmanship

Esmond Service Centre takes pride in their workmanship. Their skilled technicians pay attention to detail during the keyboard replacement process, ensuring that the new keyboard is installed correctly. They perform thorough testing to verify that all keys and functions are working properly before returning your laptop to you.

Competitive Pricing

Esmond Service Centre offers competitive pricing for their out-of-warranty services. While it’s important to note that specific costs can vary based on the model and complexity of the keyboard replacement, Esmond Service Centre aims to provide transparent and fair pricing for their services.

Warranty on Services

Esmond Service Centre stands behind the quality of their work. They offer warranties on their keyboard replacement services, providing you with peace of mind. If any issues arise with the replaced keyboard within the warranty period, they will address them promptly and efficiently.


When your Lenovo laptop’s keyboard is out of warranty and requires replacement, Esmond Service Centre is a trusted choice. With their expertise, use of genuine replacement keyboards, timely service, quality workmanship, competitive pricing, warranty on services, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Esmond Service Centre can effectively replace your Lenovo laptop’s keyboard, restoring its functionality and allowing you to continue using your laptop with ease. Visit Esmond Service Centre today and experience their professional and reliable keyboard replacement services for your out-of-warranty Lenovo laptop.

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