Microsoft Laptop Surface Pro Repair

What is a Surface Laptop; is it worth it?

Every technology adds new features to appeal to customers’ buying with time. Talking about laptops, we have seen upgrades on performance, build and design. The Tech industry targets the problems of everyday tech users and presents innovative solutions through their advanced devices. Just name your situation, you will find an option regarding your needs. Early computers were massive and required space, thanks to Alan Kay, who introduced the concept of portable computers for user ease. Later, it got the name “Laptop,” as it is placed on the user’s lap for his comfort. When it comes to buying a new laptop, it is natural to get confused with so many options out there. Now, there are even different types of laptops! Surface laptops, Razer laptops, multimedia laptops, and more. 

All about Microsoft Surface Laptop:

If you are a newbie in the tech world, you are probably thinking now, what is a surface laptop? A laptop that is placed on the Surface? What is the name indicating, and how is it different from other laptops? Well, you are at the right place to know about surface laptops. Who knows, you might even make up your mind to buy one! Let’s get into what exactly is a Surface Laptop.

What is a Surface laptop?

A Surface Laptop is a sub-series of Microsoft Laptops designed for greater portability. It is a lightweight, portable laptop that is more of a tablet than a laptop. Microsoft has a full-fledged series of Surface laptops. Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the hit articles. Microsoft is continuously working to enhance the user experience. 

How is it different from other Laptops?

The Surface Laptop is different from other laptops on its 2 in 1 feature. In a regular laptop, the keyboard is fixed with the screen, while in a surface laptop, the keyboard is moveable and can be turned into a tablet. Surface laptops have a touch screen facility. It also comes along with accessories like a touch screen pen. 

Specs of Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro is accessible on the go. Its lightweight and portable design make it stand out from the rest. Let’s discuss some specifications of Microsoft Surface Laptops to see how they are compatible with regular laptops. 

  • Surface Pen

You will not find a touchscreen pen with a regular laptop. You can rest your hand on the screen and work with the Surface Pen. The Surface laptop has a magnetized side where the Surface pen will be attached. It will not require you to charge your Surface pen separately. You need to pair your surface pen with the laptop. If your surface pen is not working, replace the batteries, and you are good to go. 

  • Longer battery life:

With greater portability, you need good battery life. Microsoft Surface Pro has longer battery life that can last for 9 to 10 hours. If taken good care of the laptop, your Microsoft Surface Pro can last for more than five years. Like every other laptop, you might need a Microsoft Surface Pro Repair. 

Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre Singapore can take your laptop worries away with professional services. For battery longevity, do not overcharge your surface laptop. Microsoft Surface Laptop is not compatible with heavy programs. 

  • Screen Specs:

Microsoft Surface laptop comes in 10 to a 12-inch screen with a built-in HD camera. Its resolution is 2736 x 1824 with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The screen specs may vary according to different Surface Pro models. It has a touch screen facility. It has a thin glass screen with more sharp colors. 

  • Software Optimization:

Microsoft Surface Pro has optimized software providing efficient working. It can run Office 365 along with other programs. Its highlighted feature also included Cortana, a Microsoft Personal assistant, responding to voice commands.  

How to improve Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Longevity?

Any laptop’s battery durability is essential for a laptop’s life. Microsoft laptop repairs might be required at some point. It is crucial to go through regular laptop service for better laptop performance. In Singapore, you can consult Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre. To enhance the battery life of Microsoft Surface Pro:

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Turn off WIFI connection when not needed
  • Do not overcharge
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Shut down unnecessary programs running in the background
  • Turn on battery saving mode
  • Turn off Cortana settings when not needed. 

How to fix your Surface Pen?

We have often seen issues with surface pen usage. It is a battery-operated accessory. If your Surface pen is not working, check its batteries and connection with Microsoft Surface Laptop. Sometimes you need to update Microsoft Surface Windows for your surface pen to work. Also, check if you have the latest windows version or not. If still, you are unable to make your pen work, better get it checked from any service center like Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre Singapore. They can do any Microsoft Laptop repair


Microsoft Surface Pro is best if you work remotely or work while traveling. Its sleek and slim design is suitable for portability. It is compact and includes all essential features to get your work done. However, it is not recommendable if your job requires heavy software or a laptop for gaming. Mostly, it is recommended for students and light office work due to budget-friendliness and unique features.