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MacBook or Laptop; Which one to choose?

With numerous new models and technology launching every day, which one is better becomes confusing. But there is always an edge for customers in competition. Because every tech company wants to increase its sales, it will provide solutions for customers’ needs in the best possible manner.

In doing so, the customer gets variety to choose from according to his budget and needs. Two major operating systems can be seen which are popular among tech customers; Android vs. IOS. Which of the two operating systems is more beneficial?

We all have friends who talk about how an iPhone user finds it difficult to use an Android phone and vice versa. Similarly, in laptops, MacBook is an IOS-based operating system becoming popular.

MacBook or Windows laptop?

If you want to switch operating systems, consider certain factors. It has been widely observed that people who have switched from Windows to Mac, or vice versa, had adjustment issues at the start. Let’s break down some elements which will help you in laptop buying.


  • Understanding Software:

It all comes down to user experience due to different software. Both software has diverse ecosystems and software architecture. iOS operating system’s architecture is more optimized than that of Linux based. iOS is also known to be safer to use and hard to hack! MacBooks have a Bootcamp program where you can install another operating system. You can run a Windows operating system in Mac, but not a macOS in Windows. Windows is not open-source for development. By open-source, it means that code to build a system is readily available to the public, which can be altered. While macOS is partially open.


  • Design and Visual:

All Apple products have sleek and stylish designs. Their designs are easily identified. They are slimmer and have a classy touch to them. MacBooks are more innovative in design. Windows or Linux-based laptops can be found in different designs and styles. You will discover weighty laptops, lightweight and visually appealing ones as well. 


  • Nature of your Work:

Define your area of work for laptop usage. If you are a gamer, then the MacBook is not compatible. Windows laptops are powerful enough to support games smoothly. They have advanced APIs which maximize game performance. For high-end graphical work, the MacBook is a better option. It is its creative studios and editing software with a high-powered graphic design. 


  • Connectivity to other devices:

Windows laptops can connect easily to other devices. The MacBook has its own connectivity devices and synchronization. Apple to Apple is all good. But if you need to transfer to another operating system, you might need to buy converters and extra transfer cables for connectivity. At the same time, Windows or Linux-based connectivity is easy, readily available, and not so complicated. 


  • Budget Estimation:

MacBooks are pricier than Windows Laptops. We have seen Apple products being bought on their sleek designs. MacBooks supporting accessories, cables, and MacBook repair is also pricy. In contrast, you can find a Windows laptop at a lower price with essential functions. The more bucks you add, the more specs you will get! In short, any Apple product and its maintenance are expensive compared to a Windows laptop. Windows is found to be 40% cheaper than a MacBook.


  • Battery performance:

A good laptop should be able to perform for six to eight hours. The continual need to charge your computer indicates that your laptop battery needs to check or change. It will affect the lifespan of your laptop. Windows battery life is less powerful as compared to the MacBook. The MacBook has a 58.2watt/hour lithium-polymer battery. It is said that it can last for up to 17 to 18 hours. Mac has larger battery sizes. Windows battery does not provide the same battery compatibility as MacBook’s battery.

The less you need to charge your laptop, the better the longevity of your device! But, no matter how efficient Apple product is, a MacBook battery replacement can be required. In Singapore, you want to get the best laptop or MacBook RepairEsmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre Singapore is a trusted place where you will get excellent customer support and laptop services.

Take care of your battery life to avoid MacBook battery replacement. It is recommended not to overcharge your laptop and use multiple programs simultaneously. Close down unnecessary programs running at the end and lower your screen brightness. 

When to buy MacBook?

A MacBook is a good choice if you want a good quality processor for a heavy workload. Graphical work can be done efficiently without overheating your MacBook. Your budget should be high for not only buying a MacBook but also for its maintenance. 

When to buy Windows Laptop?

Windows Laptops are widely familiar and budget-friendly. You should opt for a Windows laptop if you need it for gaming or even routine office work. It requires less training to get used to its interface. Windows hardware is cheaper than MacBook. It gives you room for customizing. 


If you plan to switch from Windows to MacBook, be prepared to get confused with different user-interface and experiences. But eventually, you will get comfortable with it. However, Windows has a larger community than MacBook.

Whichever you choose is narrowed down to budget, type of work, and performance needs. The factors mentioned above will help you short-list the best components you need in your laptop. After all, your bucks should go to the right place.