Water Damage Repair

macbook water damage

Common MacBook Water Damage Problems

  • Water Damage
  • MotherBoard Hardware Short Circuit
  • Wear and Tear 
  • Device always on Standby Mode
  • Device always on Sleep Mode
  • Never Shut Down Regularly 
  • Frequent Over Night Charging 
  • No Maintenance was done over the years 

If your MacBook has been damaged by water or any other liquid, it's important to act fast to prevent further damage. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Turn off your MacBook: If your MacBook is still on, turn it off immediately to avoid short circuits and further damage to internal components.

  2. Disconnect all peripherals: Disconnect any external devices, such as power adapters or USB cables, and remove any memory cards.

  3. Dry off the MacBook: Wipe off any excess liquid from the MacBook using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use a hair dryer or any other heating device to dry the MacBook, as this can cause further damage.

  4. Let the MacBook dry: Leave your MacBook in a dry place for at least 24 hours to allow it to dry completely. Do not attempt to turn it on during this time.

  5. Seek professional help: If your MacBook still doesn’t turn on after 24 hours, or if you suspect that internal components have been damaged, take it to an authorized Apple service provider for repair.

“Keep in mind that liquid damage is often not covered by Apple's warranty, so you may need to pay for the repair out of pocket. However, it's still worth taking your MacBook in for repair, as attempting to fix it yourself could cause further damage and void your warranty.”

Chemical Cleaning on Water Damage MacBook

Chemical cleaning is necessary on water-damaged MacBook laptops because water can cause corrosion and damage to the internal components of the device. When liquid comes into contact with the circuit board and other electronic components of a MacBook, it can cause electrical shorts, corrosion, and oxidation, which can damage the delicate electronic components and circuits.

Chemical cleaning involves using a specialized solution to remove any corrosion or oxidation that has occurred due to the water damage. This solution is designed to remove any debris or residue that may have accumulated on the circuit board, which can cause the device to malfunction. Chemical cleaning also ensures that the device is thoroughly cleaned, removing any contaminants that may cause further damage if left unattended.

Chemical cleaning should be performed by a professional technician who has experience with water-damaged MacBook laptops. They will have the tools and expertise necessary to perform the cleaning safely and effectively, without causing any further damage to the device. Chemical cleaning is often a critical step in restoring a water-damaged MacBook to working condition, and it can help prevent further damage to the device’s internal components.

Where to repair your water damage macbook?

If you’ve spilled liquid on your MacBook, you’re not alone. Accidents happen, and liquid spills can cause serious damage to your device. However, there’s no need to panic. With the right care and attention, your MacBook can be repaired and restored to full working order. And there’s no better place to take your MacBook for water damage repair than Esmond Service Centre.

Esmond Service Centre have years of experience in repairing MacBook laptops that have been damaged by water or other liquids. They use specialized equipment and techniques to diagnose and repair the damage, and they have access to genuine replacement parts to ensure that your MacBook is restored to its original state.

When you bring your MacBook to Esmond Service Centre for water damage repair, you can expect the following:

    1. Expert Diagnosis: The experienced technicians at Esmond Service Centre will examine your MacBook thoroughly to assess the extent of the damage. They’ll use specialized tools to determine which components have been affected by the liquid, and they’ll give you a detailed explanation of the repair process and cost.


    1. Comprehensive Repair: Once the diagnosis is complete, the technicians will begin the repair process. They’ll use chemical cleaning and other specialized techniques to remove any corrosion or residue that has accumulated on the circuit board or other components. They’ll also replace any damaged parts with genuine replacement parts to ensure the integrity of the device.


    1. Quality Assurance: Esmond Service Centre stands behind their work. They’re committed to ensuring that your MacBook is repaired to the highest standard, and they’ll do everything in their power to ensure that your device is restored to full working order.


    1. Timely Service: Esmond Service Centre understands that your MacBook is an essential tool, and they’ll do everything possible to ensure that the repair process is completed as quickly as possible. They’ll keep you informed of the progress of the repair and provide an estimate of the time required to complete the work.

In conclusion, if you’ve spilled liquid on your MacBook, there’s no need to despair. Esmond Service Centre is here to help. Their experienced technicians will diagnose and repair the damage, using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that your MacBook is restored to full working order. With their commitment to quality and timely service, you can trust Esmond Service Centre to take care of your MacBook and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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