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If you own a Surface Pro device, you know just how important it is to keep it in top working condition. Unfortunately, even the best devices can experience problems, which is why it’s important to have access to reliable repair services.

When searching for a Microsoft service center, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important to make sure that the service center you choose is authorized by Microsoft or is a reputable 3rd party service provider with years of experience. This will ensure that the technicians working on your Surface Pro are trained and qualified to handle the repair.

These devices can be complex and require specialized knowledge to diagnose and repair properly. Choosing a service center that specializes in Surface Pro repairs can help ensure that your device is in good hands. One of Singapore most experience 3rd party service provider is Esmond Service Centre.

When you bring your Surface Pro to a service center, you can expect a few things. First, the technician will likely perform a diagnostic test to determine the nature of the problem. Depending on the issue, they may need to replace a part or perform a software update. In some cases, the device may need to be sent in for more extensive repairs and/or checking.

One thing to keep in mind is that repairs performed by an authorized Microsoft service center are typically covered under warranty. However, if your device is out of warranty, there may be a fee for the repair. If you are in need of a Surface Pro repair, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced service center. By doing so, you can ensure that your device is in good hands and that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

Requesting service

You can send in a personal Surface device (not a business device) by going to Device service and repairand sign in with your Microsoft account. If your device is already registered, select it and follow the instructions.

If your device isn’t listed, select Don’t see your device? to register it, then follow the instructions to get service.

Through this process, you’ll find out if your Surface is in or out of warranty and how much it’ll cost, if applicable. Depending on the product, the service offered may be a repair or a refurbished replacement. Once an order is created, you’ll get a shipping address so you can send in your device.

For more information, do visit Microsoft website directly by clicking here

Check your Microsoft warranty status

Use to check the warranty and submit warranty claims if you own a Surface or Xbox device or accessory.

microsoft service center contact in singapore

You can contact the Microsoft service center in Singapore by phone or email. Here is the contact information:

Phone: +65 800 852 3543 (toll-free) | +65 6888 8899 (local)



The service center provides support for Microsoft products, including Windows, Office, Surface devices, and Xbox. They can assist you with technical issues, warranty claims, and other inquiries related to Microsoft products.

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