MSI Service Center (Singapore)


MSI Laptop Warranty Procedure

Step 1 : Check if your MSI Laptop is covered under warranty 
Step 2 : Contact us or walk-in with your MSI Laptop together with purchase receipt (if any)
Step 3 : Visit our Service Centre for Diagnostic Check and Warranty Claims

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Where is MSI Service Center (Singapore)

Esmond Service Centre is MSI appointed authorised service centre in Singapore.

Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane (Midview City) #01-100 (S) 573970 

Operating Hours:
10:00am – 7:00pm (Mon-Fri)
10:00AM – 3:00PM(Sat)

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

How to check my MSI Laptop is still within warranty?

Visit: to check and register your warranty online.

How long does it takes to Warranty MSI Laptop?

Diagnostic check: Typically takes 1 to 2 working days. Intermittent problems/fault may take up to a few weeks to test.

Warranty Duration: (Parts Available) typically takes 3 to 5 working days for parts replacement and testing

Warranty Duration: (Parts Non-Available) typically takes 2 to 4 weeks or more for parts replacement and testing

*All Warranty Claims are NOT Immediate*. We are require to perform Manufacturer Standard Checks, before and After warranty procedure, together with all other admin works including documentation, report writing and submission of warranty claims. Estimated Warranty Duration is usually within 3 to 21 Business Days.

MSI (Product) Warranty Information

  • MSI notebook products are warranted for 12 months against hardware defect(s) in accordance with original manufacturer’s products serial number/barcode.
  • Notebooks do not have 0 pixel defect warranty.
  • Notebook hardware parts including the motherboard, graphics card, central processing unit, memory, liquid crystal display, hard drive, solid state drive, Keyboard are warranted for 12 months repair service from its manufacture date in accordance with original manufacturer’s product serial number/barcode.
  • The notebook battery and power adapter are categorized as a consumable parts and are warranted for 12 months repair service starting from the notebook manufacture date in accordance with the original manufacturer’s product serial number/barcode.
  • Software included with the notebook, either preinstalled or included on Software CD, is warranted for 1 month from the products’ manufacturing date in accordance with the original manufacturer’s products serial number/barcode.
  • Software which is not pre-installed in the product is not covered by the product’s warranty. Pre-installed software warranty shall be handled in accordance with Microsoft’s End User License Agreement (EULA) or applicable licenses for such software. MSI assumes no responsibility for any software installed by the customer and will not be liable for any possible breakdown or damage caused by customer installed software. Customer shall directly contact the appropriate software vendor concerning such software issues.
  • Excluding abnormal use or customer induced damage, product software CD’s that are within warranty may be replaced provided the customer returns the original, damaged CD to MSI authorized service centers.

    Limited Warranty
  • MSI’s warranty shall not apply, regardless of whether the product is in-warranty, or out of warranty, in the following situations:

    • The product is damaged by accident, abuse, catastrophe, improper use (including failure to heed instructions or warnings), improper maintenance, inadequate packaging, neglect, misuse, operator error;
    • The product is damaged by external causes, including but not limited to, corrosion, falls, environmental factors (including temperature and humidity), power failure, faulty power supply, air conditioning, operator, data communications system failure or malfunction;
    • The product is damaged due to alterations, changes, modifications, repair, or other services performed by a third party that is not authorized by MSI;
    • Product accessory, apparatus, attachment, or devices that are not originally bundled with the product, or is not provided by MSI;
    • Damage to or loss of any data, program, or removable storage media;
    • Installation, relocation, or removal of product or any accessories, apparatus, attachments or other devices;
    • Normal wear and tear, including without limitation, to a product or product accessory or part that is consumable or expendable;
    • The Product has not been acquired from a MSI authorized retailer or distributor; The person or party seeking warranty service is responsible for providing proof of purchase from a MSI authorized retailer or distributor. MSI will decide the adequacy of such proof of purchase in its sole discretion. In no event will MSI provide warranty service to Products that MSI reasonably believes to have been stolen from MSI or MSI’s authorized retailers or distributor
    • Product that is not purchased from an authorized MSI distributor or reseller, or was leased or loaned by a third party;
    • Damage caused by shipping carrier;
    • Hardware or software incompatibility issue(s);
    • Installation, removal, and set-up service charges;
    • Damage caused by mining or related uses, including without limitation, crypto mining, bitcoin mining, etc. Products specifically designed for mining are excluded from this provision.