msi monitor

🇸🇬 MSI Monitor Warranty (Singapore)

MSI Monitor Warranty Information

MSI Monitor DO NOT have 0 pixel defect warranty.
1) Bright Dot more then 3 Dots, Bright dot gap size 15mm (Covered under warranty)

2) Dark Dot more then 5 Dots (Covered under warranty)
3) Lines on Screen and/or Screen Flickering [ Non Physical Damage ] (Covered under Warranty)
4) Not able to power on monitor (Covered under warranty)

5) Bright Dot: less then 3 Dots (Not Covered under warranty)
6) Dark Dot: less then 5 Dots (Not Covered under warranty)
7) Crack Screen (Not Covered under warranty)


DOT Definition:

Bright Dots: Dots appear bright and unchanged in size in, which module is displaying under BLACK pattern

Dark Dots: Dots appear dark and unchanged in size in, which module is displaying under pure red, green, or blue pattern.

✅ MSI Monitor Warranty Procedure

1. Full Name as in NRIC 

2. Full address for collection and delivery  (If Applicable)

3. Email Address 

4. Take a photo or Screen Shot your Purchase Receipt 

5. Take a photo or describe the issue you’re having with your Monitor 

6. Take a photo or provide us your MSI Monitor serial number

👉🏼 WhatsApp all information to (65) 88288180, Click here to WhatsApp Directly

📦 Packing of Monitor for Warranty Instructions

1. Pack Monitor into the Original Box Provided when purchased Brand New

*If you do not have the Box with you, just provide us the monitor will do


2. We need all Accessories that comes with the monitor when purchased Brand New

Example: Power Adapter, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, Monitor Stand etc
*HDMI Cable, Power Cable or Power adapter is Compulsory and have to be provided to us

🕐 Warranty Duration

Kindly note that *All Warranty Claims are NOT Immediate*. We are require to perform Manufacturer Standard Checks before and After warranty procedure and all other admin works including documentation, report writing and submission of warranty claims. Estimated Warranty Duration for MSI Monitor is typically within 7 to 21 Business Days