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MacBook Repair in Singapore

Like any other laptops available in the market, you’d probably run into problems with your MacBook every once in a while throughout the span of your ownership. It doesn’t matter whether you own the latest MacBook Air or MacBook Pro model or the oldest ones in the MacBook line, we all have to agree that sometimes things do go wrong. As much as you’d love to take the repair works into your own hand, we always advocate that you seek experts’ help. At the end of the day, it does not cost you a penny to get the issues diagnosed by the professionals. You can then explore your repair options thereafter.

Best MacBook Repair Service Centre in Singapore

If you are in search of where to repair your MacBook in Singapore, look no further than Esmond Service Centre. Why repair your MacBook with us?

We get common Apple MacBook repair works done in just 60 minutes

Our customers love us for our fast turnaround time. When you get your Mac repaired with our team in Singapore, we make sure that we are swift in rectifying the issues and efficient in our repair works. We understand that when your MacBook breaks down, you don’t want further delays – you want it to be repaired right away. For common Apple MacBook repair works such as screen and battery replacement, our team at Esmond Service Centre Singapore will get it done within 60 minutes* – or less.

*Depending on existing queue & stocks availability

Get covered with a warranty when you repair your MacBook with us in Singapore

Whether you repair your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or other Mac models with us, we provide up to 5 years* of warranty upon repair.

*Terms and conditions apply

You can expect quality workmanship whenever you choose Esmond Service Centre

As a specialist in all MacBook and iMac repair in Singapore, we take pride in our work. With Esmond Service Centre, you can be confident that your MacBook will be in good hands.

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Get your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and more repaired with us in Singapore. Choose your Mac model above.

Common Mac Repair Works

Here are some of the most in-demand MacBook repair services.

MacBook Screen Repair

MacBook screen repair is one of the most highly sought-after services in Esmond Service Centre Singapore. Whether you are facing a flickering MacBook screen, a blank start-up screen or a cracked screen, you can count on us to repair them at exceptionally reasonable costs.

MacBook Battery Repair in Singapore

Is your MacBook battery draining at quicker than usual? Or is it not charging at all? It might be time for a battery replacement! We do battery replacements in Singapore for all Mac models – ranging from MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to iMac and Mac Mini.

MacBook Speaker Repair

Whenever your MacBook speaker breaks down, we are here to assist. Let us help you uncover the underlying cause to your crackling speakers and get it repaired in no time.

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