Microsoft Surface
Headphone Jack Not Working

3.5mm audio jack

Common Microsoft Surface
Audio Jack Problems

  • Headphone jack broke in audio port
  • No audio from headphone jack (Speakers working)
  • Water damage to Audio Port
  • Physical damage to Audio Port

Microsoft Surface Headphone Jack Fix and Solution

  1. Check the connection: First, make sure that your headphones are properly connected to the Surface headphone jack. Try unplugging and re-plugging your headphones to ensure a secure connection.

  2. Update the audio drivers: If the headphone jack still doesn’t work, try updating the audio drivers on your Microsoft Surface. You can do this by going to the Device Manager and selecting the audio device. Then, click on “Update Driver” and follow the prompts.

  3. Disable audio enhancements: Some audio enhancements, such as equalizers and spatial sound, can interfere with the headphone jack. Try disabling audio enhancements and see if this fixes the issue. You can do this by going to the Sound Control Panel, selecting the audio device, and clicking on “Properties.” Then, go to the “Enhancements” tab and uncheck all the boxes.

  4. Check for physical damage: If there is physical damage to the headphone jack, such as a bent pin or debris, this can prevent proper audio output. Inspect the headphone jack for any signs of damage and clean it if necessary.

  5. Try a different pair of headphones: If none of the above solutions work, try using a different pair of headphones. If the new headphones work, the issue may be with the original pair of headphones.

If none of the above solutions work, it may be a hardware issue. In this case, it is best to contact Microsoft support or take your Microsoft Surface to Esmond Service Centre for diagnosis and repair. In conclusion, if the headphone jack on your Microsoft Surface is not working, try the above solutions to troubleshoot the issue. If the issue persists, contact Microsoft support or a professional repair center to get your device up and running again.

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