surface pro hard drive replacement

Hard Drive

Common Microsoft Surface
Hard Disk Problems

  • No Bootable Device Found 
  • Stuck at Windows Logo Page
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Not able to detect Hard Disk 
  • Not able to enter Windows Operating System
  • Takes a long time to boot up
  • Laggy while using 

Troubleshoot microsoft Surface hard drive problem

If you’re experiencing hard drive problems on your Microsoft Surface device, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue. Here are some common solutions you can try:

  1. Check for software issues: Sometimes, issues with the hard drive can be caused by software problems. Try running a full virus scan or disk check to see if any issues are detected. You can also try resetting your device to its default settings.

  2. Check for physical damage: If your Surface device has been dropped or exposed to physical damage, it’s possible that the hard drive has been damaged. Check for any visible signs of damage and contact a professional if you suspect this to be the case.

  3. Update drivers and firmware: Make sure that you have the latest drivers and firmware installed on your Surface device. Outdated drivers can cause compatibility issues with your hard drive, resulting in performance problems.

  4. Run a hardware diagnostic: Surface devices have built-in diagnostic tools that can help identify hardware problems. You can access these tools by holding down the volume-up button and pressing the power button to turn on your Surface device.

  5. Contact Support: If none of the above solutions resolve your hard drive problem, contact Microsoft support or Esmond Service Centre for assistance. They may recommend sending your device in for repairs or replacement.

It’s important to back up your data regularly to avoid data loss in the event of a hard drive failure.

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