Surface Studio
MotherBoard Repair

MacBook Motherboard Repair

Microsoft Surface Studio
Hardware / MotherBoard Problems

  • Cannot Power On 
  • No Power at all / No Signs of life
  • Not able to Charge Battery
  • Auto Shut Down
  • Keyboard and TrackPad Not Working at the same time
  • All USB C Port Not Working
  • All USB Port Not Working
  • No Sound from Speakers and EarPhones
  • No Display even with external monitors
  • Dim Display
  • Beeping Sound 
  • Water Damage 
  • Blue Screen Error

How much does it cost to repair surface studio motherboard ?

The cost to repair a Surface Studio motherboard in Singapore can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the service provider you choose. However, based on our research, the cost can range from SGD 380 to SGD 900.

It’s important to note that repairing the motherboard is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specialized skills and equipment. Therefore, you should only trust reputable and experienced service providers to carry out the repair work.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of repairing a Surface Studio motherboard:

  1. Severity of the damage: If the damage is extensive, it may require more time and resources to repair, which can drive up the cost.

  2. Availability of replacement parts: If the motherboard needs replacement parts, the cost can vary depending on their availability and cost.

  3. Service provider: Different service providers may offer varying repair costs based on their level of expertise and experience.

  4. Warranty: If your Surface Studio is still under warranty, you may be able to get the motherboard repaired or replaced at no cost, depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty.

In conclusion, the cost of repairing a Surface Studio motherboard in Singapore can range from SGD 380 to SGD 900. However, the actual cost will depend on several factors such as the extent of the damage, availability of replacement parts, service provider, and warranty. It’s always recommended to check with Esmond Service Centre for Free Diagnostic Check and Repair Quotation.

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